TU Darmstadt

  • "Privacy by Design" seminar (WS 2015/16)
  • "Privacy-Enhancing Technologies" seminar (WS 2016/17)
  • "Project Lab Security Engineering" internship (WS 2016/17)
  • "Privacy by Design" seminar (SS 2017)
  • "Project Lab Security Engineering" internship (SS 2017)
  • "Privacy-Enhancing Technologies" seminar (WS 2017/18)
  • "Project Lab Security Engineering" internship (WS 2017/18)
  • "Privacy by Design" seminar (SS 2018)
  • "Project Lab Security Engineering" internship (SS 2018)
  • "Privacy-Enhancing Technologies" seminar (WS 2018/19)
  • "Project Lab Security Engineering" internship (WS 2018/19)
  • "Security Engineering Lab" internship (WS 2018/19)

Open theses topics:

  • Implementing/Testing/Examining a PUF-based secure/trusted network for cyber-physical systems-of-systems, either with PUF-based encryption or PUF-based IDs/addresses
  • Implementing/Testing/Examining an Advanced Reconfigurable Physical Unclonable Function.
    • By combining PUFs and the repetitive use of fast lightweight HMACs and their feedback.
    • By combining PUFs and repetitive hashing, other than HMACs.
    • By combining multiple PUFs together.
    • By combining PUFs and reshuffling data structures (e.g. trees).
  • Implementing/Testing/Examining a DRAM PUF (of any type) on an Android device
  • Implementing/Testing/Examining a fuzzy extractor scheme based on the Reed-Muller OR the Reed-Solomon OR the Low Density Parity Check Error Correction Code
  • Testing the entropy of strong PUFs through the correlation of their responses
  • Testing the aging of DRAM retention-based OR of Flash PUFs
  • Testing the spatial correlation of weak memory-based PUFs
  • Implementing/Testing/Examining a PUF-based Single Sign-On System
  • Examining/Testing/Implementing a PUF-based system realising 802.1ar
  • Implementing/Testing/Examining a DRAM PUF on the Raspberry Pi
  • Implementing/Testing/Examining an advanced encryption scheme based on chaos (SRAM) and PUFs
  • Examining/Testing/Implementing optical fiber PUFs
  • Examining/Testing/Implementing chaos using SRAMs
  • Examining/Testing/Implementing external SRAM PUFs
  • Implementing/Testing/Examining an SRAM latency-based PUF
  • Implementing/Testing/Examining (general chaos) power supply-based random number generator
  • Implementing/Testing/Examining external DRAM PUFs connected to the Raspberry Pi (https://www.raspberrypi.org/forums/viewtopic.php?t=114326)
  • Implementing/Testing/Examining chaotic circuits

For a shorter list of theses offered please check here.

Please note that if you get registered and your work after 6 months is inadequate, you will fail. Therefore, you are getting registered at your own risk.